Häfele’s patented technology in LED Drivers is presented through its LOOX range. We house 4 types of Driver Systems for parallel light connections and serial light connections:

Spoiled for choice in the 12 V System – The LED lights are voltage-controlled and connected in parallel to the 12 V system. The plugs on the driver can be freely allocated. 12 V lights are the most widespread at present.

Powerful 24 V System –  Technically speaking, the 24 V System is identical to the 12 V system but has a considerably higher power level. 24 V lights can, therefore, be used when extremely bright lights are required.

Spotlights in the 350 mA System – The LED lights in the 350 mA system are current-controlled and connected in series. This means that each plug has to be either occupied or bypassed. 350 mA lights provide extremely high light power and are particularly suitable for spotlighting.

A spotlight in the 700 mA System –700 mA system is the same as the 350 mA system. The LED lights in the 700 mA system are current controlled and connected in series. Hence, in the same way, the plugs are to be preoccupied or bypassed. The 700 mA lights are high powered and suitable for spotlighting.

Apart from our range of LED Drivers, Hafele also houses a host of accessories such as RGB remote controllers to change the light colours in RGB strip lights, Infra-red and motion sensor switches, Dimmer systems, extension cables for switches, multi-driver box, 3-way distribution box, converters, EU plugs, cable managers and an innovative range of power dockets by Eubiq.

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