In order to provide you with holistic furniture solutions, our LOOX range of Light fittings also includes an exclusive category of aluminum profiles to mount our LED Strip Lights. These Aluminium profiles are available in two installation options – recessed (straight and angled) as well as surface mounted. Depending on the type of application (along with a piece of furniture or bordering a false ceiling), you can opt for a flushed look with our recessed profiles or flaunt the sleek elegance of our surface-mounted profiles. Available in attractive finishes like milky white or frosted, these profiles are aesthetically pleasing and yet functionally beneficial for any given application. The LOOX aluminum profiles are available in standard lengths of 2500 mm and can be cut-to-size as per your specific requirements. These aluminum profiles come with a set of end caps made of high-grade plastic and available in a silver anodized finish which complements the look and design of the profiles perfectly. The end caps provide the much needed sturdy support at either end of the profile and also keep the hollow profiles free from any dust proliferation.

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