The models of our semi-industrial series are used at public facilities: restaurants, entertainment venues, educational institutions, leisure centres and health facilities, saunas, offices, call-centres, hotel/tourist complexes, places of worship, etc.

An additional “Mini after-heating” function is possible. Easily controlled from multiple available devices including IOS and android.
The noise level at three metres from the device is 13/24 dB (A).
The noise level at one meter from the device is 22/38 dB (A).

Ventilation with heat recovery. PRANA recuperator supplies clean and fresh air all year round
The recuperator builds an environment that ensures air decontamination
Controlled mechanical ventilation with high-efficiency heat recovery/ recuperation
An innovative system of sensors monitor, correct and control airflow in any premises
The ERP systems monitor air quality, CO2, atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity
The copper heat exchanger always ensures disinfected air
Prana is far more effective than any other competing ventilation system

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